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          TG 125-220HP



          6-cylinder supercharge engines with strong power, high fuel efficiency and high torque output; LUK(Germany) double-acting and independently-operated clutch with reliable performance. large torque reserve coefficient and high transmission capacity;

          16+16 synchronizer gear and shuttle gearbox with more comfortable gear shifting operation, reasonable speed distribution and efficient operation;

          CARRARO (Italy) front axle with advanced structure, high carrying ability, high ground clearance, easy operation and other advantages suitable for operation under various working conditions;

          Lower 320L ultra-large fuel tank capable of up to 10 hours of continuous and efficient operation; Domestically advanced lifting system for separate force/position adjustment with up to 2,300Kg of max lifting force at the suspension point. Bosch Rexroth (Germany) electric hydraulic lifter for electric adjustment, position adjustment, force /position comprehensive adjustment, easy and convenient operation, and accurate control.

          TG 125-220HP

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